Still Hard to C

The original Hard to C blog started life about 4 years ago on Blogger. It was meant as a place I could post about the experiences I was making while coding on my projects (mainly in C/C++).

Unfortunately it didn’t get updated due to a number of circumstances, although I have had plenty of moments along the past years where it could have been useful letting off steam about some compiler bug or C/C++ standard issue hitting me by surprise.

Recently I have been updating some code, which inevitably led to some new material, so I wanted to revive Hard to C.

I talked with Mouser and Gothi[c] at who graciously agreed to host the blog at this new location, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for their help.

I added the posts from the original blog here, and I hope some new ones will start to appear soon (when I’m done fiddling with WordPress that is hehe).

One thought on “Still Hard to C”

  1. This is cool you’re posting again.

    Usenet used to be where all the action was, but it died when the web was born. Too bad.

    Blogs can help. High signal, low noise… but losing the community usenet provided. Such is life.

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